KING of the RING

PC/Jam-O-Drum | Producer/Programmer | 3 Weeks

Team: Jacky Lee (Sound Designer/Co-Producer), Jamie Bae (Artist), Ha Ran Kim (Artist),

           Ariel Tan (Programmer), Me, (Co-Producer/Programmer)

King of the Ring is a game made for CMU's Jam-O-Drum platform and ported to PC. In King of the Ring, players can turn their character and propel themselves forward. The players' goals are twofold: to knock other players out of the ring and to collect special Championship belts. Performing either of these goals gets the player 1 point. There are two stages in the game, with the second round providing a completely different layout and way to play. Players also have 4 different character types to choose from for visual flair: Football player, Sumo wrestler, Luchadora, and Polar Bear Wearing a Judo Uniform.