Game Jam | Producer | 1 Semester

Joyride is an ongoing effort to organize the ChairJam event - the game jam / hardware hackathon for creating entertainment experiences with wheelchairs, such as games, music, performances, and art.

Twitch | Programmer/Designer | 1 Semester

Commit to the Bits was a research project exploring the intersection of improvisational theater and Twitch live streaming. We designed performative frameworks to best utilize features of live-streaming on Twitch and improv acting.

Kinect | Programmer | 1 Week

A Kinect infinite-runner game for 1 or 2 players. The player uses their arms and torso, flapping and leaning, to control a stork delivering babies during the most dangerous time of all: Halloween.

Vive | Programmer | 2 Weeks

An HTC Vive experience in which the guest will use tools in the shape of a shield and magical wand to guide and protect their giant caterpillar companion through a terrifying storm.

Meta II | Programmer | 2 Weeks

An AR experience in which the guest uses their hands to form bridges and swat away enemies so that a friendly AI companion can save the computer from permanent corruption.

PC | Producer/Programmer | 3 Weeks

Four players use the ETC's Jam-O-Drum or Xbox Controllers to control exciting sports figures, knocking each other around and grabbing the Championship belt to become King of the Ring!

PC | Programmer | 3 Days

You wake up alone at night, and something's not right. You climb out of bed, and choose to go on ahead. Deep into your house, with not a creak from a mouse, you seek to rouse your mother and her spouse.

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