Through the Storm

Vive | Programmer | 2 Weeks

Team: Mollie Braley (Sound Designer/Producer/Writer), Shana Joseph (Artist), Jingya Chen (Artist),

           Tina Han (Programmer), Me (Programmer)

Through the Storm is a VR experience that focuses on storytelling. The player rides a giant caterpillar, their friend, who is frightened by an ongoing storm. The player uses their tools to protect the caterpillar from the storm, learning various lessons along the way. A narrator guides the guest through the experience, stumbling in the story at parts to imply distress and improvisational storytelling. At the end, the guest learns that the story of the caterpillar was actually a bedtime story told by an older sibling to their younger sister in an effort to alleviate the stress of parents loudly fighting in the background.